Discount Leather Hides was formed in an effort to create a web based store that would make it easy and convenient to purchase leather hides at great prices. You will never have to fear making a bad purchase because as long as you don’t cut or mark any of our hides, you may return them within seven days of receiving your hide. We sell all of our hides “by the hide,” so there are no goofy calculations or fear of how much square footage is actually usable. We use just straight, per hide pricing. Most of our hides are over 52 square feet.

Another very cool thing about Discount Leather Hides is you can send us a cutting of a color you are looking for and we will send you back a cutting of what we have that is close.

So how do we keep our prices so low? Well, for one thing, we don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on swatch books to blanket the country. We rely souly on great leather and high quality photography.